Our maintenance personnel read meters bimonthly, as weather permits. Unless meter reads are delayed due to snow, bills go out at the beginning of the month in odd-numbered months- so January, March, May etc.

Residential members pay a fixed water service charge (or
base rate), which gives them up to 1500 cubic feet of water at no additional cost. Usage over this allowance is billed at $0.022 (2.2 cents) per cubic foot. This charge is described on your bill as “metered.”

One cubic foot of water = 7.48 gallons. This means that the basic water allowance for our members is 11,220 gallons bimonthly. After that, our metered charge is equivalent to about 3/10 of one cent per gallon.

As of our most recent analysis in January 2019, our basic water allowance is sufficient for the needs of about 75% of our members; only about 25% are billed for any metered charges.

Members who own unimproved parcels without a meter are billed at a standby rate.

Bills for residential service that are not paid within 30 days are subject to a late charge of $45. The late charge for standby lots is $20.

Very Low Balances: Occasionally a bill will go out with a balance due of just a few cents. Our business office tries not to mail statements with such low balances but occasionally one goes out. There is no need to remit any payment of less than $5.

Billing Delays: We cannot read meters when there is snow on the ground. In winter months, billing may be delayed by as much as two weeks. Should it be impossible to read meters within two weeks of the usual date, we will send out bills for the water service (or base rate) charge only. Any metered charges will appear on the following bill. In this event, the basic water allowance will be adjusted so that our members will pay metered charges only for water used in excess of 3000 cubic feet (instead of the usual 1500).

Billing Announcements:

March 1, 2018: With snow on the ground, we cannot read meters. Metered lots will be billed at the base rate with no metered charges. We expect to read meters for the May 1 billing. At that time, the metered allowance will be doubled to 3000 cubic feet. Members will be charged only for what was used in excess of 3000 cubic feet for the two billing periods (four months). In other words, members will be given an allowance for 3000 cf of water for the period between the January 1 meter reading and the reading for May 1. Any excess will be billed at the metered rate. Please call our business office if you have any questions.

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